Meet the Clan

Name: Ghillied Ltd.

Tag Line: Bonnie by Nature

Product: Ladies Outdoor Leggings

HQ: Edinburgh, Scotland

Launch Date: 17th of September 2021



What we do: Ghillied produces ladies leggings which are designed to be worn on outdoor adventures.

How we do it: All of our leggings are designed in Scotland, and hand made in small batches in London. This ensures we have the lowest possible carbon footprint from our production process. Our base raw material is made from recycled fishing nets and other sea waste including industrial plastic, and carpet samples. Each pair of leggings we sell is literally made of the outdoors!

Why we do it: Everything we do is with the purpose of encouraging people to get outdoors. The more time spent outside, the better your mental health, and the better your physical health. Humans being outdoors is also beneficial for the planet – every time someone re-discovers nature, the greater the collective responsibility will be of like minded people who want to protect and ‘rewild’ it.



Ghillied Name: Derived from Scottish Mythology, a Gillie Dubh was a fairy who lived in the Scottish Highlands and dressed in leaves and moss (you may recognise the word Ghillie from a ‘Ghillie Suit’ in which you literally wear the outdoors). Although we like to think that Ghillied products are more fashionable than mystic fairies in the Highlands, our name and products remain connected to the Scottish outdoors – they are created from re-purposed waste which is damaging our environment, with the purpose of exploring the beautiful outdoors.