New year’s resolutions made at the beginning of 2022 seem like a distant memory, however the Ghillied team have been reminding ourselves this week in anticipation of attending the Slow Living Event in Inverurie next weekend.

We have been thinking about how can we become more sustainable in a world of next day shipping, 99p sales and everything at our fingertips. If your new year’s resolution related to sustainability, here are some simple reminders that’ll always ensure you are making conscious buying decisions when it comes to clothing!

Always Have a Reason to Buy

The two big questions to ask yourself before you add an item to your basket: Is it versatile? And, do I really need it? One of the most important habits of conscious buying is buying on need rather than impulse. A quick thought on ‘how versatile?’ and ‘do I need it?’, will make sure purchases are made with the right intentions. Collective responsibility on unnecessary purchases will reduce the impact of ever faster fashion.

With this in mind, always make sure you approach sale events with the same attitude. Although sales can be amazing times to pick up a bargain if you have a genuine gap in your wardrobe, they can also be hot spots for needless purchases. Make sure you do your research on the brand beforehand, and evaluate their intentions! Are they offering sales too good to be true, with low quality clothing that will only just last until their next sale?

Repurpose Old Clothes

As each season goes by, we can be tempted to hit the shops to update our wardrobes, particularly for holidays and big weekend plans. If we do, last season’s outfits are pushed to the back of the wardrobe collecting dust. The UK’s annual textile waste adds up to a staggering 206,000 tonnes per year with only a fraction of this waste recycled per household.

There’s a simple (and creative!) way to reduce your own textile waste… get re-purposing! Crack out the scissors, needle and thread and create something. Why not turn your old jeans into summer shorts, or old t-shirts into a blanket or draft excluder? Do you have any memories tied up in clothing (a festival hat perhaps?) that you could have framed to decorate your bedroom? Not only will it save your pockets, but you will do your bit to reduce your personal waste.

Research into Sustainable Brands

There’s plenty of brands out there that suggest they are aware of ethical and environmental problems. However with brands like H&M and Zara creating garments that claim to be vegan, ethical and sustainable within a fast fashion cycle, it is hard to trust what is and isn’t genuine.

Searching for brands with a focus on longevity can take some work. However, in 2022 there are both new and existing brands with a genuine commitment to quality clothing made right. On a positive note, there are a growing number of old school brands bringing sustainability back to the table. Whether you’re shopping for that right piece of denim that’ll last, or recycled leggings to take an evening stroll, there’s always a brand out there to accomodate both your style and it’s environmental impact.

Bonus tip: Use the good on you website to check the brand’s sustainability impact before you buy!

Shop Vintage

They may not seem an obvious choice, but vintage shops are popping up all around the country. They’re trendy, tenable and take us back to fashions lived beyond our time. For these, you don’t need to dip deep into pockets as most vintage stores/markets often have ‘fill a bag’ sales or can negotiate prices. Vintage stores are readily available on high streets, and often contribute to good causes.

Challenge yourself to find the biggest bargain… the Ghillied team would love to hear about it. Tag @GhilliedUK on Instagram with your finds!

Build a Timeless Collection

Building a timeless collection means less purchases, less waste and quality items. Once you’ve found the perfect garment, buy it in a few different shades and shapes. Build your outfits from a few pairs of trousers, some tops and sensitively made shoes. 10 full outfits in total will mean you have combinations to last you the full year round. Just make sure you have versatile pieces to fit all occasions!

Loungewear, activewear, occasion outfits, casualwear, and something for date night. Keep it simple and avoid overly luxe patterns – blacks and whites are definitely a go to. Keep greens and browns for winter and brighter shades for summer. It’s quality over quantity.

Check out some Ghillied leggings to add to your collection. We are super proud of our eco-friendly supply chain and quality products made to last!